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2016 Xgames Real Wake – Bronze Medal / Fan Favorite Gold

The results are in, Chris Abadie and Andrew Adams came away with a bronze medal for 2016! They also had the fans on their side and received a fan favorite gold medal for the second year in a row! Photo: Bryan Soderlind


2016 Xgames Real Wake – Chris Abadie

Chris Abadie is at it again in 2016 with a fresh Xgames Real Wake section! Produced By: Andrew Adams

2016 Xgames Real Wake – Chris Abadie from Andrew Adams on Vimeo.

2016 Shredtown Jamboree – Full Video

The 2016 Shredtown Jamboree is a wrap! Check out the full video recap including all the best things that happened over the three day weekend!

The 2016 Shredtown Jamboree from Shredtown on Vimeo.

Shredtown X Ride Engine

Get a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of the crew as strap on their Ride Engine wetsuits and head out for a cold day of winching.

2015 Xgames Real Wake – Behind the Scenes

Get a behind the scenes look at the making of Chris Abadie’s 2015 Xgames Real Wake Section.

2015 XGAMES REAL WAKE – BEHIND THE SCENES from Shredtown on Vimeo.

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