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Shredtown » Videos
  • A year ago when we were in Oregon we found this sick spot at a park to kicker over a bench. There was a lady walking by so we had her sit down for a couple hits with her newspaper titled “Drop the Gun”. Thanks to this lady who helped name the film…

  • The Ambush Board Co. X Shredtown LTD board is now available on ambushboardco.com! Only 20 boards printed, so make sure to get yours today!

  • We have been traveling and winching alot the past couple months and over time have learned how good shipping pallets work for so many different things. The good thing about pallets is when you are at a winch spot and need a pre-made kicker you can find these things just about anywhere. Back home riding the System and being used to hitting pallets we decided to see how many different setups we could build and shoot. Pretty stoked how it turned out! Hope you like it too…