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We have been traveling and winching alot the past couple months and over time have learned how good shipping pallets work for so many different things. The good thing about pallets is when you are at a winch spot and need a pre-made kicker you can find these things just about anywhere. Back home riding the System and being used to hitting pallets we decided to see how many different setups we could build and shoot. Pretty stoked how it turned out! Hope you like it too…

Comments (11)

AJOctober 10th, 2012 at 10:22 am

love that you guys are working on a full length but still keeping us updated with stuff like this. Come back to Oregon soon! Keep Shredin

gnarlesOctober 10th, 2012 at 12:53 pm

straight killing it! Keep doing what you do best…

dosterOctober 10th, 2012 at 1:12 pm

the. best. ever.

HopeOctober 10th, 2012 at 1:39 pm

always an inspiration shredtown.

full lengthOctober 10th, 2012 at 2:24 pm

you guys are making a full length?????!!!!!!

ToolOctober 11th, 2012 at 7:00 am

I knew when I got 3 texts from friends with links to a cool new vid it had to be another great shredtown edit!

jamOctober 11th, 2012 at 12:37 pm

ive watched this atleast 5 times. ramp slo mo is sick!

heroOctober 11th, 2012 at 3:31 pm

coolest edit i have ever seen

OR Trail TrashNovember 8th, 2012 at 8:58 pm

So good

RBOYNovember 15th, 2012 at 7:03 pm

Andrew’s flying, brah! I made it look like skateboard on water, nice!!! Sick video! That’s a ll I can say

trabbyJanuary 29th, 2013 at 8:39 am

Sick edit and song! you guys kill it, always doing something new..more one footer! ps, who was riding the cwb?

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