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2015 Shredtown Jamboree Recap

In the case that you missed any of the action from the 2015 Shredtown Jamboree, the Recap is a compilation of the event coverage from this Authentic and Original rail riding event. With 20 of the best rail riders in the world and Shredtowns’ sickest course design yet, the 2015 Jamboree was nothing short of Stellar. Press play to get the full experience from this epic weekend!

System 2.0 at the Shredtown Jamboree

The Sesitec System 2.0 is the exclusive towing system for the Shredtown Jamboree, giving the riders confidence in each and every hit with it’s steady and reliable pull. The System 2.0 has opened the doors to all sorts of new possibilities for the Shredtown Crew over the past several years and it’s increasing popularity continues to lead the the industry in a fresh and exciting new direction.

Shredtown Jamboree: Best Line Park

On the 3rd and final day of the Shredtown Jamboree riders overall talents were put to the test for the best 3 trick line event in the main park. The wedge to handrail, the choice of the double rooftop or wedge to pipe step down and finishing up with the culvert to deck kicker. After 4 rounds of 5 the athletes voted Dylan Miller, Daniel Grant, James Windsor and Raph Derome all through to a final round. Check out all the action here and find out who takes the cake in the best line event!

Shredtown Jamboree: Best Trick Land Gap

Day 2 of the Shredtown Jamboree was filled with action as 20 of the best riders in the world took to the land gap for a best trick session pulled by the Sesitec 2.0. The setup was built with countless different line possibilities and the athletes made use of every one imaginable. From transfers to wall drops to flips onto rails, we saw it all on Day 2. Congrats to Dom Hernler who won his peers vote for the Best trick of the session.

Jamboree: Crash Reel

With every epic make usually comes an equal amount of bails…The set-up at the Shredtown Jamboree was next level as were some of the bails we witnessed throughout the weekend. Check out the crash reel to get an idea of the effort that went into each and every trick throughout the weekend. Thankfully everyone escaped relatively unharmed.