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Chris Abadie and Andrew Adams Double Xgames Gold Medals

When we are putting in 12 hour days in the streets and sewers and nothing is going as planned there are so many times we question if we are doing the right thing and following the right path in life. Today all the those questions are answered and we feel humbled to take away the first ever @xgames #realwake gold medal. @chris_abadie charged some of the sketchiest spots in the game with @andrewadams behind the lens and @davisgriffin running the winch throughout this project. Couldn’t have done it without @patrickwieland flying out to Texas just for the love to log clips and contribute to the vision that we all have for the sport. And thanks to everyone up at @alliancewake for putting in the work behind the scenes to make this contest a reality and contributing to the sport of wakeboarding throughout the years!

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